***IMPORTANT- Read me!***

Welcome to Crafters Wholesale Superstore, LLC's buy-in page!

A buy-in is basically a pre-order. 

CWS will find a product (or there is an ISO (in search of) post is in our sales group on FB if you want to suggest an item), we will then take your smaller orders to fill our suppliers MOQ (minimum order quantity) and then we will place one, bulk order. This allows all your smaller orders to be grouped together for more buying power, to get a bulk discount. These items are sold at a discounted price (20-30% less) than what they would sell for if they were sold in our store! The order is shipped to us, we then count, sort and ship the items to you.

Our buy-ins will be open for one week, from Monday afternoon to Sunday at midnight, EST. We have never ordered any items that ship via sea (30-60 day delivery time). If we did, we would make it perfectly clear that you would be waiting that long. We have always paid for faster shipping. Our items typically arrive to us in 7-10 business days from the day they are ordered! They are immediately opened and counted and sorted. Orders normally start shipping the same day the shipment arrives!

The timeline  and information for each buy-in, is in the item description. Please read the entire item description!

NOTE ABOUT EXTRAS: We never require our customers to purchase a certain amount of items (a minimum). If we are within 10% of our suppliers MOQ, we will buy the additional items to prevent the buy-in from being cancelled. That is the only time there will be extra buy-in items. Meaning, if an item has a MOQ of 1000 and we only sell 500, the buy-in will be cancelled and all orders will be refunded. If we sell 900, we will purchase the additional 100 to complete the buy-in and the extra 100 that we purchased will be sold in our store. If we sell 1020, there will be no extras because all of them will be accounted for.

BOTTOM LINE:There is NO guarantee that there will be extras left over. There is NO guarantee that these items will be sold in the store. If you are interested in an item, your purchase opportunity IS NOW!!!!!